BIMTECH Business Perspectives
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Aims and Scope

The objectives of BIMTECH Business Perspectives, the journal, are to encourage and publish research in the field of business management. The terms business and management are both broadly defined. While the former encompasses both discipline and business problem-based research, the latter includes the management of firms, groups, industries, regulatory bodies, government, and other institutions. The journal has a special focus on emerging and functional areas of business management. Consistent with the policy, the journal publishes peer-reviewed research in financial markets, emerging economies, entrepreneurship and start-ups, emerging technology and innovation in business functions, consumer behaviour, human behaviour in management decisions, risk management, supply chain management, business strategy, and other domains having a direct or indirect bearing on business management. The journal encourages both quantitative and qualitative research methods to unearth relevant findings. The journal aims to nurture a debate among individuals and groups, which have keen interest in business and managerial processes. The journal encourages inter-disciplinary studies that may lead to new understanding of business and management functions. The journal welcomes research papers examining dynamics of business management in the backdrop of changes in the global business environment. The journal serves as a platform that connects thought-leaders and researchers from diverse fields to address crucial business and management issues. Published twice a year (June and December), BIMTECH Business Perspectives is an official publication of Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH), Greater Noida, India. The journal has been publishing in its current form since 2019. Prior to 2019, the journal was known as Business Perspectives, which had a publication history of more than a decade.

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